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The mobile telecommunications industry and its customers are exposed to criminal activities that are similar from company to company and from country to country.

Criminals will deceive telecommunications companies, migrating in response to counter-measures to other companies within the sector.

The key aims of MICAF are to minimise risk and give confidence in the services provided by the UK mobile industry.

The Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum is a forum for the exchange of information and the promotion of a united effort against criminal activity in telecommunications.

The Forum will seek to raise awareness of crime issues affecting the Industry or impacting on its customers and suppliers.

It will help identify and develop effective counter-measures to telecom crime as well as developing procedures to combat mobile phone related crime in the United Kingdom. 

The forum will seek to focus on the mobile area of the telecommunications industry and seek active representation and participation from all sectors of the Telecommunications Industry who form or provide service to this area of communications.

MICAF's role as a forum for UK mobile operators has now been superseded by the Communications Crime Strategy Group (CCSG) which meets regularly to address the impact of crime on the mobile industry and its customers.